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 Anger and Love

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PostSubject: Anger and Love   Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:35 am

Anger and Love

Everyone experiences anger. Next to fear it is the most common emotion. But did you know that when you get angry you are actually seeking soul contact but are not aware of it? And when others get angry at you, they are also seeking soul contact. This obviously is a strange way to try to make soul connection, but that is what happens when we are unconscious.

The soul is primarily composed of three energies – love, power and light (or intelligence). Anger occurs when we are lacking one of these energies. And we need all three to be able to respond appropriately in various situations. In this article we will reflect on only one – namely, love.

Anger is an expression of aggression, which is a movement toward another (people, God, life, etc.). But anger expressed toward another is not about the other. It is always about oneself and one’s perceptions of oneself. Always when there is anger directed toward another there is projection involved, and therefore we must look for what needs to be taken back and acknowledged, as we do with all projections, if we are to learn anything about ourselves. Anger takes different forms. For example, sometimes it exists as sadness or as passive aggression. Even in these occasions projection may still be involved.

Anger always wants something. So when it is present, we can ask: What do I want? There is also fear present when anger exists, so we can also ask: What am I afraid of?

Anger results from some state of perceived or felt lack that one is seeking to fill. This can be a lack of power, lack of love or lack of knowing. When understood this way anger can be a useful symptom to point us to the issue involved. Often the perceived or felt lack is associated with loss or potential loss. For example, loss of a loved one, a pet, a connection, health, wealth, investments, valued possessions, privacy, etc.

When the anger is an expression from feeling a lack of love, the anger is an appeal for love. This is the most common. The anger here could come from a feeling of being betrayed, rejected, unappreciated or abandoned. In these situations what we want is love.

Anger typically arises from a state of disconnection. One’s personality or self-image is disconnected from one’s soul. Or, the individual is experiencing social disconnection, often of an intimate nature. There are many experiences of heartbreaks, experiences of rejection by others whom we love or value, or losses of what or who is important to us. Anger is a common reaction to these situations and will usually be directed toward others, and perhaps even to others who were not involved. We need to understand that when people are angry they have been hurt and are appealing for healing. Anger is a symptom of not being connected with what was previously a source of strength and love.

Love is connection. We want it with others and our surroundings because ultimately we need to feel connected to our own essence, our soul, because it is that connection which makes us feel alive, worthwhile, and of great value. It is this connection which gives meaning to our lives and makes us feel we have something to contribute.

When we are angry we need to re-connect with our source of strength and love within ourselves. We also need to reach out through our angry feelings to others whom we can love. There is no way that an angry expression will get us love because it is a state of disconnection that repels rather than attracts. But by expressing love and caring, we can make new connections. And through those connections we can feel loved and empowered. There is nothing that is more powerful or empowering than to express genuine love. This expression transcends all personal limitation at the time of expression and connects us to the source of love itself which is soul and the higher planes of being. And each time we express soul love it transforms some of what exists in the emotional/limbic brain that is contrary to love, such as anger.


1. For the next week each time you feel angry about anything ask yourself what you feel you are lacking or what you are afraid of losing and then decide how you can give yourself what you need.

2. When someone expresses anger toward you attempt to respond with the love you sense they are seeking.

By Soul Journey

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Anger and Love
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